The design of your website – webdesign, is the first thing that your customer notices.
Quality webdesign creates a positive impression and it increases credibility and trustworthiness of your business. It is important that your website communicates with your visitor at the first sight and that it attracts a customer to read more. Presentation on the web and its webdesign leave the first – the most important impression.

      • Not only a beautiful webdesign

    An attractive webdesign is not everything. What is the purpose of a beautiful webdesign in which your customer has a hard time to navigate and make a buying decision?

    That is the main reason why we focus on creating webdesign and website structure that not only attracts your client but also leads him/her to make a purchase. The way a specific target group orients and feels on your website is the most important. Above all, webdesign should always lead your customer to a purchase.

    • Webdesign from Geekbird Media and its advantages

    Webdesign is developed according to the latest psychological studies and research webdesign fulfills all accessibility guidelines – customers can access your website from any web browser, operating system or a device (cell phone, PDA) Fast web pages loading Webdesign is valid according to the World Wide Web Consortium W3C full search engine optimization is always included (SEO).

    Website development

    The goal of Geekbird Media is a professional development of web sites that are easy to find and frequently visited.

    Website development perfectly combines:

    professional Webdesign that catches visitor’s interest, search engine optimization (SEO) ensures good searchability and a high visit rate of a website, logical structure navigates and leads your customers to a buying decision, Corporate identity is designed so that people will remember your brand/company.

    • Geekbird Media – Creative Website Development

    Our websites do not only fulfill professional web standards (PHP, WordPress, XHTML, CSS…) but they are also characterized by an attractive webdesign. Website development incorporates Flash animations and other technologies that help the static websites to come alive.

    Website development is not only a Webdesign

    A key to a successful commercial website is a sufficient volume of targeted website traffic. Even the most attractive website will not be able to serve its business purpose without sufficient number of visitors.

    Our website development guarantees success, easy searchability and constant increase of your web’s value. The web pages won’t diminish with time. On the contrary! Our goal is to offer professional internet solutions so that your competition would stand no chance! Your success is our success. We will be glad to build the best and the most frequently visited website in your business field.

    • Website development and always something extra

    All our clients, a global company or a small family business, are welcomed in a family atmosphere.

    Our customers always get what they ordered on time, in a high quality and with added extra something.

    Website development is enhanced by a professional content management system that allows simple and quick website administration. New features and security improvements are constantly added to our content management system.

    We offer content management system functionality guarantee during the entire system usage.

    Full search engine optimization (SEO) increases the number of visits on your web pages. We arrange domain registration, unlimited webhosting and constant system maintenance. We manually register your websites into tens of public and partner web directories.

    Geekbird Media – step ahead of competition

    Website development requires constant observation of the latest trends. Our website development implements these latest technologies and know-how. We pay an extra attention to our continuous education that is necessary to be successful in our field.