Link building is the process of obtaining inbound links from external site with aim of improving link popularity which in turn helps in achieving higher search engine ranking and direct relevant traffic in addition to branding and content publicity.

Link Building: – Link building is an important part of SEO. Geekbird Media provide Best Link Building Services. Link building is often defined as practice of getting

links from other sites to your own site. Search Engines give more importance to websites that have more inbound links and therefore rank those sites higher in their search results.

Our Link Quality

  • High page rank
  • Inbounding
  • Google Cache
  • Unique IP address
  • Thematic
  • Regular Link
  • Long time stay


Why are links so important?


Now these days, inbounds links are the one of most important factor for getting a high keyword ranking, the most search engines are ranking their search result on the link popularity from your site more and more increase traffic on your site.

Link Building





One way Link

Reciprocal Link

Two way Link


Our Link Building Criteria and Services

Relevant Links

Page Rank – Home Page and Link

Google cache Link page

Inbound Links

Unique IP Address